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When you come to see me you will feel listened to, cared for and confident that I am doing my best for you. Formal and informal training allows me to work with the most recent revelations in science, the proven traditional methods that have been used for centuries and the culmination of over 30 years of experience in the health industry and 20 years of clinical practice.


My naturopathic tools include Bowen Therapy, Emmett Technique, Healing Touch, iridology, nutritional and cleansing guidance, homoeopathy, flower essences and a well tuned ear for listening. My strong platform in understanding people comes from being interested. I have a lifetime in the school of experience, children, 13 years breastfeeding counselling and a family background in a variety of disabilities. I have learnt how to live happily and I’m willing to share it.  

Natural Medicine

To Get you Back on Track

Sharing your story of health changes is personal and significant.  Suggestions that I make will flex to suit your needs, your budget and your palate.  Throughout 20 years of practice I have seen how simple it is to get your health back on track. We will chat, I will offer you information, we will work together to have you feel better when you leave than when you arrived.  It has taken many years for you to get to this point, allow several weeks to get yourself back on track.




I want you to know what’s going on and why.  That way you can start to get a grasp on how to manage your own health.


We can do a full consultation where we discuss your specific issue and tailor it to your personal situation. (allow 2 hours)


Group discussions are fun where the topic of health is your choice.  As a group you may decide to want to know more about food choices; gut health; cleansing; how to be happy even when you are under stress; the vaccination debate or how do you know what health information to believe. If you want something different just name a topic you want to cover.


I also conduct group classes teaching how to use Tissue Salts.  These are minerals prepared in a homoeopathic form that are safe, economical and effective. They can be used to address a wide range of health issues empowering self-care.


Body Work

If your body is not relaxed and aligned your mobility is restricted, you can’t think clearly and are very open to injuries and illnesses.  I have great empathy to structural pain and I feel in particular, back pain would have to be one of the most debilitating conditions there is. Shoulders, neck and knees can bring you undone too.   Consequently, I have developed my business around giving relief to people with such conditions. The techniques I use relax the muscles, encourages blood and lymph flow, brings relief to emotional tensions and balances physical and energetic states. Everyone feels better after a treatment.

Qualified therapist of Bowen Therapy; Emmett Technique; Student of Healing Touch.


Bowen Therapy  

Bowen Therapy is based on a gentle pressure and release technique of the soft connective tissue (fascia) of the body. This involves a sequence of light, cross-fibre movements of varying pressure at specific sites on the body. It is believed this technique promotes the body’s own healing response. It can provide fast, long-lasting relief from pain and discomfort.


The treatment is not considered massage but rather a non-invasive muscle release technique that can be performed directly on the body or through light clothing.  After each session drink plenty of water to ensure your cells and tissues are adequately hydrated.


Emmett Technique

Emmett Technique creates relaxation with the releasing of muscle tension through a series gentle finger point holds.  The touch stimulates a release of the tension allowing further releases in associated muscles and organs, deeper blood and lymph flow and a release of emotional triggers associated with the tension.  The change to the muscle can bring about both physical and emotional responses bringing relief to pain and trauma.

In the situation of extreme debility, i.e. you bend, the muscle spasms without warning and you can’t stand upright without extreme pain, the technique works very well. If you find yourself in that position, call me as soon as you can as the body tends to accommodate this extreme pain and will begin to compensate. 



Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing and caring. It is a philosophy and a sacred healing art, which can easily be integrated with other forms of healthcare to facilitate healing and quality of life.  It uses a collection of energy based techniques to assess and treat the human energy systems thus affecting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing. Healing Touch was developed by Janet Mentgen RN drawing on her own experience of energy based care as she worked as a nurse.  It is used in hospitals, private clinics and in the family home, offering increased relaxation, pain relief and reduction of anxiety and stress. The technique is not highly tactile, placing the hands gently on the body encourages energy re-balancing and energy field repair.  The results vary from a sense of well-being to relief from extreme pain.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Body Work For You?


Benefits may include:​

  • Increased mobility and pain relief

  • Relaxation of body and mind

  • Recovery from injury or ailment

  • Higher energy levels

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Assists lymphatic drainage

  • A general feeling of wellness

  • Aids spiritual healing and growth

Treatments are typically very enjoyable; you may experience one or a combination of, a warm flow of energy throughout the body, complete relaxation, pain relief, micro sleeps, or dream states.


Conditions that may benefit:

  • Abdominal pain

  • Acute and chronic fatigue

  • Bedwetting

  • Carpal tunnel

  • Colic

  • Crying babies

  • Digestive problems

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Fluid retention / Oedema

  • Headaches / Migraine

  • Incontinence

  • Infertility

  • Immune system

  • Impaired circulation

  • Knee pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Lymphatics

  • Menstrual problems

  • Musculoskeletal pain 

  • Neck and head tension

  • Respiratory complaints

  • Repetitive Strain Injury

  • Sciatica

  • Shoulder problems

  • Sinusitis

  • Sports and accident injuries

  • Stress and anxiety disorders

  • Vertigo

  • Whiplash


Who Can Be Treated?

Anyone, including pregnant women, newborn babies and the elderly. A treatment supports the body promoting healing, pain relief, recovery of energy and wellbeing. 


For more information about Getting You Back On Track or to organise an appointment please get in touch:

 Mobile 0437 937 930    Email

I work alone and pay attention to the one in my clinic first.
Call or text and I’ll return it as soon as I can. Emails I will look at toward the end of the day.


Qualification Details

  • Bachelor of Naturopathy

  • Qualified Practitioner of Bowen Therapy

  • Qualified Practitioner of Emmett Technique

  • Practitioner Member / Australian Traditional Medicine Society

  • Current Senior First Aid Certificate

  • Student of Psychology


Experience and Skills

  • Over 20 years Naturopathic clinical experience

  • Over 20 years Bowen Therapy experience

  • Participated in documenting the practices of Emmett Technique and preparing first
    training materials in 2000 and have continued practicing.

  • 13 years voluntary counselling with Australian Breastfeeding Association

  • Level 4 Healing Touch Training and currently continuing with training.


‘Our service and advice brings you and your health back on track.'

 Nikola Wilkie



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